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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

About Sri Ramanananda Maharshi

At present Sri Ramanananda Maharshi is the only living Siddhaguru ruling the universe.

By the grace of Paramaguru Shirdi Sai, we are bestowed with Siddhaguru Tatvadarshi Sri Ramanananda Maharshi.

Siddhaguru Tatvadarshi Sri Ramanananda Maharshi Ji is an enlightened Sadhguru, born on 23rd April 1968 at Kapatralla village in Kurnool district, Andhra Pradesh, India.

  •  He spent his childhood days and primary education in Kurnool district. In formal education he did his Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering at JNTU Ananthapur.
  •  After his graduation he worked as a Mechanical Engineer for few years.
  • Later on he started Raman Academy of Mathematics and worked as a mathematics lecturer.
With severe asceticism, he travelled extensively from Kanyakumari to Himalayas in search of a Siddhaguru, who can help him attain Self-Realisation. But he couldn’t find one and was very disappointed, during which Shirdi Sai Baba gave his first darshan to Maharshiji.

 Shirdi Sai Baba gave his first darshan(divine appearance) to Maharshiji in April 1994.

After  Baba’s darshan Maharshiji had unswerving and single minded devotion towards Shirdi Sai. Maharshiji’s absolute surrender led to absolute realisation.

By the grace of Shirdi Sai, Maharshiji attained Self-Realisation (Atma Sakshatkara) on 29th June 1995. (Maharshiji had Nirvikalpa Samadhi for 21 days).

Sri Ramanananda Maharshi in Himalayas, 1995

Maharshiji say about his experience of Shirdi Sai Baba's benevolance :

"Baba didn't tell any mystical word(MANTRA) nor has he given me any instruction. He didn't say how to meditate nor has he preached me any philosophy (that teaches the nature of real and illusion). With his extreme yogic power, without any intense penance he has awakened the Kundalini, because of which I attained self-realisation. He bestowed me with visions of many saints and conversations with them."

By the order of Shirdi Sai, Maharshiji himself exposed to the world in the year 2001 and started giving discources on the real path and true nature of Sai through Gyana Yagnas.

Through Shaktipatam, Maharshiji is extensively transferring his yogic power to the devotees. As a result they are having divine experiences and Kundalini awakening. These experiences usually can only be attained by intense meditation for several years.

Shaktipatam In ancient tradition the Siddhaguru’s method of showering divine blessings on the disciple is known as Shaktipatam.

  • For the welfare of people, Maharshiji is doing Shaktipatam. With this most of the people are also getting cured of their physical and mental illnesses.

Experiences of Devotees in Shaktipatam :

Experience 1 :

Devotee          : Padma

Coming From  : Ramanthapur, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

Experience      : "On 1st OMKARA, I did not feel anything. On 2nd OMKARA, my body was shivering terribly. It was not in my control. I felt as if I was flying in the air. I started crying badly and was not able to understand what was happening. When Swamiji kept his hand on my head, I felt I was in Shirdi.I was giving AARTI to Sai Baba. All pundits were present there but they were just standing there."

After explaining her experience, Swamiji conversed with the devotee as follows:

Swamiji : You told you were in Shirdi. Did you go up to the place where Sai Baba Idol is placed?
Devotee : Yes Swamiji, I went to the place where the Idol is placed. All pundits of Samadhi Mandir were present and I was giving AARTI to Sai baba.
Swamiji: Did u observe the dress of Sai baba. What was he wearing?
Devotee : Yes Swami, Baba was wearing a white dress with orange head-dress.
Swamiji : Dear all, she experienced astral travel. Her soul actually went to Shirdi. All the pundits over there don't know that because they can see only physical bodies. This is a beautiful experience.

Experience 2 :

Devotee           : Jamani

Coming From   : Rajole, Andhra Pradesh, India

Experience       : "On 1st OMKARA, I did not experience anything. On 2nd OMKARA, I saw Shiva Linga, which is in Shirdi Sai Anugraha Peetam, established by Swamiji. On 3rd OMKARA, I saw Swamiji coming down from sky in the pose which is shown in the poster backside. When Swamiji kept his hand on my head, I saw Shirdi Sai Baba sitting in Chavadi, with one leg placed on the other and Swamiji was sitting beside Baba. When Swamiji kept his hand on my head for the second time, I saw Shirdi Sai Baba giving 9 coins to his devotee LAXMI BAI(she directly served Sai Baba when he was in alive)."

After explaining her experience, Swamiji conversed with the devotee as follows:

Swamiji : Did you see Shirdi Sai Baba lively now?
Devotee: Yes Swami, I saw Baba lively. It was the situation when Baba was about to go into Samadhi before giving 9 coins to LAXMI BAI. 
Swamiji : Dear all, It is a beautiful experience. This actually happened in the year 1918. And she saw it now, as it is.

Experience 3 :

Devotee           : Chandrakala

Coming From   : Nalgonda District, Andhra Pradesh, India

Experience       : "On 1st OMKARA, I did not experience anything.On 2nd OMKARA, I saw blue colour, from which a black shiva linga came out with bright light. I felt two eyes coming from shiva linga entering my eyes. When Swamiji came to place his hand my head, I saw Shirdi Sai Baba in black colour. I thought why baba was in black color. Then he turned into a reddish color.Then I saw him in various colors.

I am suffering with spine problem from past 3 years. Doctors told me that I cannot walk and I would be bedridden. One and a half year back I took Shaktipatam from Swamiji. After that it was almost totally cured. I went to a famous Doctor in Andhra Pradesh. He told me that some divine power is making me walk as its not possible for a doctor to cure it.

It is the grace of Shirdi Sai baba and Sri Ramanananda Maharshi that I am walking today. Three doctors told me the same thing. After seeing my report, they were saying that I was not the patient it must be somebody else.I heartfully thank Baba and Swamiji for making me walk and allowing me to do their service."

These are only the cream of experiences .Swamiji has given many more wonderful experiences to many devotees through Shaktipatam.

  • Maharshiji has written 32 books on the secret of Shirdi Sai benevolence and also the life histories of disciples who served Shirdi Baba. These books give an exposure to the secretive percepts of universe and philosophy.

  • Maharshiji has written, composed and sang more than 250 songs on Shirdi Sai.
  • He is a beatitude (supreme felicity) who can enlighten us in seconds.
  • He is a great yogi who discourses Shirdi Sai tatva, Vedanta and sacred percepts by giving personal experiences, which can be practiced in real life.
  •  Maharshiji has performed many programs for the welfare of the universe. As a part of this he has conducted "Gyana Yagna" in 108 centers in India and abroad. In this yagna, he has preached intotallity  about  the life histories of 108 devotees who directly served Shirdi Sai Baba. This program was completed Successfully in a span of 3 years. No other Guru(saint) has done this earlier.
  • At present, he is determined to conduct another "Gyana Yagna" in 116 centers in which he going to preach about life histories of 496 devotees who directly served Shirdi Sai Baba.

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